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[Vintage] Ainulup tie indigo dyed (brown)

[Vintage] Ainulup tie indigo dyed (brown)

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  • Ainu vintage folk art loop tie
  • The clasp is a wood carving made with Ittobori.
  • Engraved on the back
  • one-of-a-kind item


  • Indigo dyeing: brown
  • Hand-dyed by indigo dyeing artisans in Tokyo
  • What is indigo dyeing? It is a hand-dyed method that uses indigo leaves, a plant from the Tadaceae family, and has a history of over 1,000 years, and is said to have been introduced to Japan during the Asuka period . The unique blue color created by indigo dyeing is called indigo and is a color that symbolizes Japan. It is known overseas as "Japan Blue." Indigo dyeing comes in a variety of blues. The shade of blue changes depending on the number of times it is dyed, allowing you to express many different shades of blue .
  • Characteristics of indigo dyeing: Indigo dyeing is said to be a highly functional dye , with high antibacterial, deodorizing, and insect repellent effects, and it has been passed down through experience that indigo-dyed clothing does not attract insects when stored. .

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