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Baseball cap indigo dyed (indigo)

Baseball cap indigo dyed (indigo)

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  • A 100% cotton white cap made by NEWHATTAN is dyed with indigo dyeing.
  • SOME-ISM logo embroidered on the back
  • Can be stylishly coordinated both in the city and outdoors.
  • Free size with adjuster
  • Shallow construction


  • Indigo dyeing: Indigo
  • Hand-dyed by indigo dyeing artisans in Tokyo
  • What is indigo dyeing? It is a hand-dyed method that uses indigo leaves, a plant from the Tadaceae family, and has a history of over 1,000 years, and is said to have been introduced to Japan during the Asuka period . The unique blue color created by indigo dyeing is called indigo and is a color that symbolizes Japan. It is known overseas as "Japan Blue." Indigo dyeing comes in a variety of blues. The shade of blue changes depending on the number of times it is dyed, allowing you to express many different shades of blue .
  • Characteristics of indigo dyeing: Indigo dyeing is said to be a highly functional dye , with high antibacterial, deodorizing, and insect repellent effects, and it has been passed down through experience that indigo-dyed clothing does not attract insects when stored. .
  • As you use and wash it, the sewing thread becomes whiter, and the main body becomes more vivid in color, which is unique to indigo dyeing, giving it a unique atmosphere.

    [Size chart (cm)]

    height longest brim
    11.0cm 7.0cm

    [Handling precautions]

    Please wash separately as the color may bleed onto other items when washed. Do not use bleach or detergents containing bleach or optical brighteners. Do not leave it on as this may cause discoloration, and do not leave it unattended after washing.Stretch it out well and dry it in the shade. After washing, please store it in a drawer or other place where it will not be exposed to air. Please store it in a place where it will not be exposed to direct light, as even household lighting will cause discoloration. Please avoid dry cleaning or ironing.

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